Moister testing timber & cement

It is extremely important to ensure timber and cement subflooring is at the correct moisture level using moisture readings and an acclimatisation process prior to commencing any project. I can help to provide you peace of mind with my “moisture testing and acclimatisation service”. If the cement slab is new or has been subjected to moisture it would be wise to apply a moisture barrier prior to the installation of flooring. Moisture is definitely without a doubt timber floorings number one enemy, so if there is moisture rising through your homes cement slab, apply a moisture barrier first. Again I can help by providing the full “moisture proofing service”.

Professional advise

Renovation and “Do it yourself” television shows have given many Gold Coast home owners the confidence to attempt their own home renovation work. Unfortunately the flooring often ends up looking very average and does nothing to enhance the look of the house as we can’t be masters at everything in life. Another problem that occurs for the DIY home renovator is to actually find the motivation and time to properly focus on completing a job once it’s begun as we all need time out to relax.
If this sounds familiar call me to get things back on track and save the project, or if you are on a tight budget we may still be able to work together on an hourly rate to move the project along by providing my “consultation and advice service” or my “Hands on DIY assistance service” using the correct tools and tricks of the trade.

Timber selection

I can help you choose the best species and style of flooring to create your “Dream Floor”. Through a series of questions and an inspection we can work together to come up with a winning formula that relates to your budget, your decor and the “vibe” you are looking to create, a certain timber species or grade will definitely work better than another

Floor stains and polish

You may be looking for a natural or a classical glamorous look to match your decor, lifestyle or personality. Depending on the “vibe” you are looking to create, your budget and your decor a certain polish or staining process will definitely work better than another.

Machinery hire

If you are only using my “consultation and advice service” but wish to do everything else yourself I will also be more than happy to guide you through the correct machines and materials to use and the best place to hire and purchase them from.

Looking after your floor

• Always remember that water is the biggest enemy of your timber floor. Water can cause warping, dulling of the finish and buckling. Don’t use steam mops or old fashioned wring mops. It is best to use a spray bottle containing a cleaning solution with a damp cloth base swivel mop.
• Wipe up food and other wet spills promptly with a dry cloth or paper towel. If necessary, use a dampened cloth for sticky spills. Make sure you completely dry the floor with another soft cloth or paper towel.

• Accumulation of dust and dirt on your hardwood floors is like attaching sandpaper to the bottom of your shoes and walking around. This is the quickest way to damage the finish of your floors. Daily (or as often as necessary) cleaning should be done with a dust mop, soft broom or vacuum.

• To keep the collection of dirt and dust at a minimum, place mats at all exterior entrances. Of course, this won’t stop all the dirt from getting in but it will reduce the amount greatly. Make sure these mats are cleaned on a regular basis.

• Use floor protectors (such as felt pads) under all furniture. Make sure pads are kept clean and in good condition. Replace as often as necessary to prevent wear on the surface of your floor.

• If you must walk on your floors with high heels, make sure they are in good repair to prevent the heel tip from damaging the floor. If exposed, a heel nail can exert up to 8,000 pounds of pressure per square inch, denting any floor surface. The best scenario is to refrain from walking on your floors with any high heels, cleats, sports or hard soled shoes.
• Move large and/or heavy furniture with care. Try placing a thick piece of cloth under the item to be moved to prevent scratching and gouging of the floor. You could also try covering each leg with a heavy sock or a tennis ball split open.

• Minimize your floor’s exposure to sun as much as possible. Finishes and wood can oxidize and are affected by the sun’s ultra violet light. This can cause the wood and/or finish to change colour and develop an unsatisfactory look. Install good light filtering curtains or blinds on windows to prevent sun damage to your floors.

• Ball type casters, particularly those made of materials like metals or hard plastics can cause damage to wood floors. Avoid these types of casters and opt instead for non-marking rubber casters or buy a chair mat for your favourite chair to roll on.

• High traffic areas such as directly in front on the kitchen sink may require a mat or runner on the floor as they can wear a lot faster than the rest of the home.