Timber Floor Gold Coast are the Timber Flooring Masters run by Matthew Kinstler, one of Gold Coasts most experienced and government recognised industry specialists.

I came to the Gold Coast in 1999 to hire, train and manage specialist teams working on the Versace Hotel Construction Project after being recognised in various parts of Australia as a “Timber Floor and Staircase Specialist”. I soon decided that I had found my true paradise on the Gold Coast like many others have before and after me, so I opened a Timber Flooring Show Room in Burleigh trading as Ablaze Installations & Maintenance, employing fifteen staff before the building boom ceased in 2005. I have decided to continue working on other ventures apart from being a “Timber Floor and Staircase Specialist” after the building boom ended, and I therefore no longer operate on the same scale in the building industry at this point of time.

With a wealth of over twenty years of trade knowledge and contacts behind me and an artistic flair for detail I now offer a unique personalised advice & assistance service for the DIY home renovators on the Gold Coast... right through to the complete package of trade services outlined on this web site.

When considering flooring options it is worth keeping in mind that timber flooring is considered to be the most beautiful flooring material a home can have and that homes with Hardwood timber flooring tend to sell quicker and for a higher price than ones without.



Our Fast Quoting System: Simply email us with the following…

(1) One close up photo (in focus) of the worst looking or damaged areas.

(2) One photo of the damaged flooring areas from a distance.

(3) Total size of the floor area in square meters (m2) and number of steps etc.

(4) If repairs are to be done please include the width and thickness of the floorboard/panel in millimetres (mm) and species if known. A floorboard description may be: 80mm wide x 19mm thick Spotted Gum.

(5) Also please remember to include your full name, property address, phone mobile number.

Please note: To get the total square meterage of a floor space, simply break the area up into squares/rectangles, then measure one wall by the other. For example: A room that has two 4 meter length walls and two 10 meter length walls times 4 x 10 = 40 m2.

We accept:


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